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Broadway Media provides some of the best and most diverse podcasts in Salt Lake City. Below, you’ll find some of our top podcasts that can range from sports, comedy, and even geeky news. Our podcasts are updated both daily and weekly by some of your favorite radio show hosts at Broadway Media. Listen to your favorite below.


Entertainment and Comedy
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Entertainment and Comedy

• Radio From Hell

Boners, Things That Must Go, and more from Kerry, Bill, and Gina – The Lords of Morning Radio and hosts of Salt Lake longest-running morning show!

• Geekshow Podcast

A show about all things geek: comics, movies, TV, toys, role-playing games, video games, etc. The podcast is recorded complete with alcoholic beverages, and new episodes every Monday afternoon. The very first Geek Show was called Geek Chat and premiered on the Radio From Hell Show KXRK X96 in Salt Lake City in August of 1996. The name changed to Geek Show for legal reasons. Although the panelists have changed through the years, The host has remained, Kerry Jackson. Now he is joined by a panel of equally impassioned Geeks, each an expert in their field.

• Remain Seated with Gina Barberi

•Jon, Jackson, and Monroe | Mix 105.1

Late riser? Keep up with Mix 105.1’s  Jon, Jackson, and Monroe whenever you feel like it.

•3-bit Gamer Show

3 best pals take on the world of gaming – debating and bickering about gaming news and culture.

• Saturday Morning Serial

Saturday Morning Serial is a companion podcast to The Mix Morning Fix. Each week, Jackson tells his co-hosts, Jon and Monroe, a true-crime story.

Sports and Recreation

• Bill Riley Show

The Bill Riley Show airs from 11 am to 2 pm Monday-Friday on ESPN 700. In addition, to hosting his show daily, Riley is the Program Director at ESPN 700.

• The Drive with Spence Checketts

Catch Spence Checketts every weekday from 2 to 6 pm. Or catch up here!

• ESPN 700

• Cougar Sports

• Utah Utes Coach’s Show

• Utah Utes Interviews

ESPN 700’s interviews from Utah Utes practices and games.

• Ute Zone Radio


• The Let’s Go Eat Show hosted by Bill Allred

Lots of good things can happen over a meal. You have a little food, a little bit to drink and the next thing you know, you’ve solved all the world’s problems. That’s what we want to do with The Let’s Go Eat Show. Every so often I, Bill Allred, will find someone interesting from entertainment, the arts, or politics, and sit down with them for some food, some drinks, and some conversation.


• Meet The Bands

You wanna know the bands? Well, first you have to meet them. Richie T, Producer and DJ at X96, chats it up with up-and-coming artists that you’re just dying to know more about including The 1975, The Neighbourhood, Bastille, Solarsuit, Deap Vally, Twenty One Pilots, Cage The Elephant, and more. Curious about the origins of band names? How the bands formed? How do they feel about cats? Yup. That’s all here.

• 801 Punx with Branden Steineckert

X96 presents “801PUNX,” a limited-run hybrid punk rock/talk show hosted by Rancid drummer Branden Steineckert, also the author, composer, and visionary behind the Real Salt Lake “Believe” anthem.

Lifestyle and Hobbies

• Railroad Roll-By

A podcast for railfans and casual train enthusiasts that discusses current rail news and events, and model railroading.